Supporting our Contractors & Suppliers

At Nexen, we drive economic growth, particularly in the areas where we operate, creating opportunities for the businesses that support us. We benefit from the proximity of local suppliers — working with people who know the local culture, community and environment the best. Communities, in turn, benefit from direct and indirect employment and the diversification of the local economy that our company generates.

We utilize local labour and services first, as long as contractors and suppliers meet our standards in terms of safety, expertise, technical qualifications and price. In order to facilitate this, we partner with local contractors and our suppliers to increase their ability to compete for work and meet our requirements.

Commitment to Integrity & Sustainable Business Practices
As contractors and suppliers are partners in our business success, it’s important they have the same commitment to ethics, integrity and sustainable business practices as we do. In order to ensure alignment, we’re committed to providing our current and prospective contractors and suppliers with the appropriate resources and tools, enabling them to work ethically, responsibly and safely.

These tools include our supplier Standards as well as our supplier code of conduct, How We Work: Our Integrity Guide for Suppliers (PDF 1.0MB). It's important that current and prospective suppliers familiarize themselves with these documents.